Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014!

We sure enjoyed our Christmas of 2014 this year! (I didn't take near the pictures I normally do due to IG. I have been posting most on there because it it cheaper to print.) :(  We did lots of fun and exciting things and enjoyed it all to the fullest! We are so blessed!

Hogle ZOO!

We haven't been to the zoo forever! Hogle Zoo that is! Our friends informed us that it was FREE day and so we took advantage of that with them. The kids sure had a great time and heck so did we. The weather was fab and we were happy to be out in it.

Davin is obsessed with Rhino's right now! He was in heaven seeing a REAL one. They were MUCH bigger than he had thought they would be. :)

Halloween fun!

We love Halloween and we love having fun! We did all sorts of great and fun things this year. Our friends invited us to the Syracuse Pumpkin walk. It was much different than the one in Logan, yet so cool and neat as well. It had lined up carved pumpkins for miles (it seemed). So much hard work went into it and it was not unnoticed. We of course carved our pumpkins as a family and enjoyed all that messy fun. ;) We love going to our wards trunk or treat. We get loaded up there! The kids looked so cute in their costumes this year. Tate was a pirate, Davin a Lion, and Crew as Alfalfa. They dressed up for many occasions including the schools parade and of course Halloween. Proud parents we are! ;)

Swimming and Carnival

The boys had such a great day! They were invited to a fun friend Birthday party to the new pool in town. The kids all had a blast! Afterwords we went to the Halloween Carnival in our community.  The kids got lots of great treats and did lots of fun activities there as well. We only had seconds in between to get dressed and situated....but we made it work. The boys afterwords were so happy with the great day they had just had!